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CONNECTION / TIME is a simple way to document a live event with words and pictures.

Click on one of the pictures to see an example of previous event. It is designed to be used over a 24 hour period so is suitable for live performances and conferences.

Create a unique hashtag for your event and CONNECTION / TIME will archive all the tweets and display them on your page. You should choose an unsual hash tag, if it is something common like #dog then you could end up with thousands of tweets about dogs from all over the world.

Take pictures of your event and email them via your phone to CONNECTION / TIME, they will be shown live and immediately archived! This saves many hours after the event hunting down stray pictures across crowded hard drives.

You can also make selection of the best pictures with annotations and add additional comments. We'd like to develop a pecha-kuchify button, this would turn your annotated pictures into a pdf which you could use for presentations and slideshows to explain the event.

CONNECTION / TIME developed by
Dane Watkins with Paul Hurley
at Knowle West Media Center

2012-06-02 14:42:41

Reminding me of VHS or audio tape. Analogue feel.

2012-05-16 11:31:21

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