Data-viz of computer energy consumption

Info graphic on electriciity monitoring equipment

How to monitor household electricity

The info graphic shows three ways to monitor electricity in your home. It also shows the development of the Electric Footprint project. During the first stage of the residency Dane Watkins experimented with different ways connecting the current cost meter to the internet to create an interactive web app that displayed electricity use.

During the second stage of the residency Dane was able to use the electricity metering in the DEHEMS projects.

The third stage shows how an ideal monitoring option using a tablet to display an interactive electricity metering application. this is currently being developed with Toshiba Research Labs and Bristol City Council as apart of 3e Houses

Current Cost Meter

You can buy a current cost meter online. Installing is simple and doesn't require an electrician. Put the clamp around the wire (fourth from left) going into your electricity meter and then pair the display to the transmitter. You can then see how much electricity you are using on the display.

The main problem is how to get the readings onto the web. One way is to connect the current cost meter to a computer which sends the information to appropriate database such as pachube. The problem is that the computer needs to be left on all the time which conflicts with the desire to reduce electricity consumption.

DEHEMS installation

DEHEMS used a current cost tramsitter to transmit the data to a DEHEMS box that connected to the households router and transmitted the data to their own databases.

Ideal installation

Perhaps this info graphic fully shows the benefits of infographics as the ideal has become the reality. Toshiba Research are developing energy monitoring equipment where the end user will be able to see their electricity use on an android tablet. This infographic was speculative in it's desire to show the author's ideal set up and the presentation helped to persuade the technology partners to realise this aspiration.

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