Data-viz of computer energy consumption

Data visualisations
Dane Watkins

Communicating information clearly and with a strong visual appeal

The goal of the data visualisations on this site is to produce info graphics that are fun and engaging as well as giving an accurate representation of the data.

Most energy monitoring data visualisations, such as Microsoft Hohm, google power meter, DEHEMS are straightforward graphs and pie charts. Dane Watkins attempts to inject a sense of humour into the serious business of reducing carbon emissions at the same time as providing accurate real time feedback.

There are three applications that visualize the electricity consumption of specific household items. The one above takes the data feed for a washing machine and there is a tv and computer data set as well.

These household goods were monitored as part of the DEHEMS project

Digital Environment Home Energy Management System

The DEHEMS project was a European Union funded project that looked at how technology can improve domestic energy efficiency. The project partnership included a mix of European local authorities, private business and universities. The intention was to develop and test a home energy management system for the home market using Living Labs in 5 cities across Europe. One of the living labs was in Knowle West in Bristol.

Electicity monitoring equipment was installed in 50 homes in Knowle West. The Electric Footprint suite of interactive applications visualise the data (consumption of electricity) from these homes.

A few of the homes had plugwise installed to monitor specific household goods. The washing machine (see above), computer and television applications visuallize the data feeds from these plugwise units.

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