Witterung — a data visualisation

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Shang Yi

Clear 7 °C

United Kingdom

The data visualisation of Shang Yi weather conditions is taken from a database of 4,000 weather stations around the world. Click the refresh button to see another random weather reading.

witterug was produced during the Whose Data? art programme by Knowle West Media Centre and funded by Arts Council England.

Visualisation designed by Susanne Stahl and programmed by Dane Watkins.

Temperature °C

The colours become redder as the temperature increases
The temperature also changes the colour of the background gradient

Weather condition code

Currently in Shang Yi

Humidity %

The bar rises and changes colour as the humidity increases

Wind speed and direction

The colours become darker as the wind speed (mph) increases.

The direction of the wind (°) is shown by the direction of the gradient